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Need a break from studying over half term?

Archery is a great way to spend some time outdoors, whether you've tried before or it's all new, why not give it a go!

Half Term Holidays
24th May to 3rd June 2023

See below for Half Term Archery dates

Mendip Field Sports will be holding 1 hour guided archery sessions

Please call 07942 371660 or email

to check availability and make a booking 


£15.00 per person 


Minimum 2 people

1 Hour sessions

Must be 10 years or older


Book 4 people and have an exclusive session

Maximum 6 people per session

Please note:


Current availability

Wednesday 24th May 2023                      10.00am

Thursday 25th May 2023                           4.00pm   5.30 pm



Friday 26th May 2023                               10.00am




Saturday 27th May  2023                No availability

Sunday 28th May  2023                  No availability


Wednesday 31st May 2023                      10.00am

Thursday 1st June 2023                 No availability                   

 Friday 2nd June  2023                            10.00am                                                                     11.30am                                                                       1.00pm


Saturday 3rd June  2023                          10.00am                                                                     11.30am 

Sunday 4th June  2023                  No availability 

Terms and Conditions




All group bookings require full, non refundable, prepayment.(You will receive confirmation on receipt of payment) Any bookings not paid for at least 48hours in advance will be removed from the booking diary.

Bookings must be made with Mendip Field Sports – Tel:07942 371660  (RESERVATIONS TAKEN BETWEEN 09:00 and 17:00hrs)

2. In the unlikely event the Mendip Field Sports need to cancel an event we will endeavour to find a new date for the booking. -Archery will go ahead regardless of weather conditions unless the conditions are not safe to do so.


3. Age restriction:

We are only able to take participants of 10 years of age and older.

Anyone under the age of 16 must have parent or guardian with them at all times during the session. Mendip Shooting Ground is a busy shooting ground and children must not be allowed to wander around the ground unsupervised.

4. All necessary equipment will be provided, including relevant PPE.


5. Archery is an all-weather sport, and we advise weather appropriate clothing.


6. Group sessions are for a maximum 5 people. You may be in a group of 4 other people, depending on the numbers booked for a specific session.You may not know the other participants.The session will still run even if only 2 people are booked on the activity.

7.  General Health.  It is important that when booking a session of any of the disciplines offered by Mendip Field Sports, you are aware that these activities require a certain level of strength and general fitness.  When booking you and the members of your party are confirming that you are in good health and acknowledge that the activities undertaken, including archery and axe throwing may be strenuous and that to your knowledge, you have no conditions that may be made worse by undertaking such activities. 

​8. Mendip Shooting Ground is a busy clay target shooting ground and we are delighted to be able to hold archery experiences alongside clay shooters.Clay shooters will be in the vicinity and noise from the guns will be evident whilst archery sessions take place.We recommend that ear plugs / hearing protection is worn (this can be provided by Mendip Field Sports), if you have ’regular’ hearing, whilst shooters are in the vicinity of the archery range.



9. We expect everyone taking part in these activities with Mendip Field Sports to be sensible and responsible, whilst having fun.If anyone is behaving in a manner believed to be caused by the influence of alcohol or drugs (recreational or otherwise) they will be politely asked to cease participation of the activity and leave the shooting ground.Similarly, if any individual is believed to be behaving in an irresponsible or dangerous manner that may endanger life, cause injury or loss or damage to equipment, they will be politely asked to cease participation of the activity and leave the shooting ground.The judgement in these cases will be down to the instructor present on the day and their decision will be primarily based on the safety of participants and themselves. The instructor on the day will have the final decision.No refund will be given if participants are asked to leave the shooting ground.

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